I am the eggman

Fred Flintstone Ribs

December 2010 a new home and a new addition to the family, actually make that two new additions to the family. Purchased on Craigslist from someone leaving the country it would be fair to say I have become addicted to my Big Green Egg and I foresee many happy years grilling.


2 thoughts on “I am the eggman”

  1. Hi Roman,

    I happened to find your blog when i was searching to buy a BGE for my apartment’s balcony in Singapore. Nice postings you have here, and the great food cooked from your egg looks fantastic. Sadly, BGE does not have any local distributor here. Do you have any idea where can i get a large BGE to deliver to Singapore?

    Swee Hong

    1. Hi Swee Hong,
      Much to everyone’s disappointment there are NO distributors in Singapore of the infamous BGE. I was lucky enough to purchase one here a few years back on Craigslist. If you know anyone that may be moving to Singapore from the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia or Western Europe and if you can convince them to put an Egg in their shipment…that’s about the best way to get one here. Otherwise, UPS or FedEx would happily charge you an arm and a leg to ship one over – I think all in the Large Egg with nest and accessories will weigh well over 250 lbs – you do the math! Sigh… Keep your eyes open and maybe just maybe someone will start to sell them in Singapore – I’ve been tempted but don’t know what the demand is really like. Let me know and I’ll keep you informed if I ship any across.

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