Millennial Milestone…

Good day eh!?!? Well, Heather and I are nearing the 1,000 views mark on this humble blog. That, oddly enough, is really flattering and we hope you all keep coming back to enjoy the grilling adventures we continue to have on the Big Green Asian Egg!

What we’d like to know from you is…. What’s missing?  What do you want to see more of, or less of?  Leave us a comment on this thread and that will drive the next thousand visits on our blog.

Thanks everyone…this is by far the best mid-life crisis anyone can go through!

Cheers, Roman & Heather


2 thoughts on “Millennial Milestone…”

  1. Hey Roman and Heather. U guys are doing a fab job. On a daily basis I go chomp on my food visualizing that the food has come off the gril 🙂
    how about categorizing of the cuisine basis it’s country/culture? Then abou experimenting with cross cultural cuising so a Canadian style prep with Asian/India sauce etc. It suits ur love for food and cultures. And hey u may just add a new recipe for the world 🙂

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