Easter Eats!

Just a small note of thanks to all our guests that really took the place of  our family yesterday afternoon.  Heather and I were honoured to host an Easter meal that was simply superb.  We had a spread that included some traditional Ukrainian food (Roman’s background) and a medley of  guests that would have made the UN proud!

Ingredients for this year’s Easter:

  • 3 Canadians
  • 1 Scot
  • 1 Baby (duel nationality preferred)
  • 3 Americans (one claiming to be a naturalized Canadian…passport check in progress!)
  • 1 Englishman
  • 1 Hungarian
  • 1 Italian
  • 1 Swede
  • and 2 traveling Finns


Mix all of your guests into a few different rooms of a small home, fill up their glasses with either wine, beer, spirits or juice of their choice, place a ton of food in front of them and let it rip.  The whole process should take a few hours so make sure there’s plenty to drink and things to laugh about!

Thanks everyone for making this year’s Easter so memorable!  And, there were hardly any leftovers!

Happy Easter from Roman, Heather, Alex and Kalyna

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ps – we did grill some lamb on the egg but the magic was really in the rest of feast which included: Kobassa from Canada, homemade Varenyky (traditional Ukrainian potato and cheese dumplings)  Michelin Star worthy “Skvarky” (pork crackling with caramelized onions), Smoked Salmon, Hungarian Meatballs, Cooked Ham, Yummy crudites, my dad’s secret egg sauce, beetroot relish, and lastly Heather’s special “paska” and “babky “- traditional Ukrainian breads baked and consumed on Easter.

Lastly a special mention to young Alex, thanks for keeping the tradition alive by showcasing your talent at creating one of a kind “pysanky” (hand crafted Ukrainian Easter Eggs)


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