The Egg gets some work done…

The Big Green Egg also requires a little tender love & care once in a while and yesterday was the day to deliver.

Not quite like a facelift or tummy tuck, the egg does need a freshening up as the years take their toll and I simply wanted to thank the guys at High-Que for a great customer experience and show you guys what the end product looks like!

OK, not a huge deal but I replaced the main gasket with high-que’s high heat Nomex felt gasket and added the new High Performance fire grate.

Check out the new look before it gets tested tonight…

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10 thoughts on “The Egg gets some work done…”

  1. How are you liking your new gasket and fire plate? Ours are both in need of replacement also. Dave from Food and Fire ( replaced his fire plate with the High-Que plate and noticed that it burned hotter and possibly used more charcoal, but at least it doesn’t get clogged. I haven’t seen anyone post yet on how it does with long cooks at low temperatures (like for ribs).

    I’m enjoying your blog – we are like “sister-blogs”! Thanks for all the kind comments for us, they are appreciated!


    1. Hi Nancy. The gasket was a breeze to put on and it’s holding up fine. I mean its just one of these things that will need replacing every so often but it works and I’ve no complaints. The fire grate really lets in a lot more air so yes, you’ll burn through the charcoal faster on high temps but I’ve done 10 hour beef briskets with no need to add more fuel. So, for low and slow, it works magic and because of the added airflow, you can manage the temperatures a lot easier. The only downside is that you’ll pull a lot of chunks of small coal after a burn rather than pure ash. Seems a bit of a waste so I try and recycle the larger pieces every time I clear out the ashes.

      Love the stuff you’re sharing as well and thanks for posting the story about Jennie’s husband. We made the pie last night in his honour.

      With that, let me leave you both with best wishes from the other side of the planet!
      Cheers, Roman 😉

  2. Where do you get the charcoal for your BIg Green Egg in Singapore? I have an egg in SIngapore, but don’t know where to get the charcoal.

    Thanks for all the great food!

    1. Hi Michele, I’m thrilled to meet another Singapore-based Egg Head! We should get some official sponsorship!

      I buy my charcoal from the Butcher on Jalan Mera Saga in Chip Bee Gardens. The brand is Tops hardwood charcoal. Failing that, I go to Sheng Seong, the local grocery chain and they have hardwood charcoal for a lot less. Tops is 15 bucks per box and SS charges about $5.80 for a bigger bag. Both work well and last about two weeks…and considering how much we use the Egg, that’s not bad.

      Have you been egging long? Would love to swap some techniques! And lastly, thanks for enjoying the blog…we may feature you one day!


      1. We are actually new Egg owners. We bought it and are just having it shipped to Singapore. I am looking forward to trying all that you have written about! Thanks for the great information!

      2. Fantastic news! More eggheads!!!!
        Did you get it shipped by the retailer or are you using movers? The reason I ask is because I need t buy a few replacements parts and no one seems to want to ship to Singapore. Would love to know who you’re dealing with! Keep in touch!

      3. We are having it shipped with our household goods. How big are the replacement parts you need?

      4. Hiya, that makes sense! So I should have said welcome to Singapore first and foremost!

        I need to get the fire ring and fire box – two pretty big pieces – basically its the stuff inside the egg that holds the charcoal and grid.

        The problem is its heavy and costly to ship if anyone is willing to ship it. 😦

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