She Cooks, He Cleans, We Eat!

Hello one and all and a special hello to Nancy and James who provided tonight’s recipe…Kofta Kebabs!

I was trolling around their excellent blog “She Cooks He Cleans” and thought oh my…we gotta give this a try!  So for this time, Nancy please forgive me for shamelessly stealing a wonderful recipe (originally found here) and allowing me to share it with my darling family!

I followed Nancy’s recipe to the letter however I did improvise the Ras-El-Hanout and we added aubergine and red peppers to the skewers along with a tasty spinach yogurt, carrot/pistachio salad  and rosemary flat bread.

Here’s the link for the sides recipe and prep:

Its a bit of a lazy blog today however, we’ll be back later with Alex’s Permanent Residency Homemade Smore Pie, especially made for his new PR sister Kalyna!


Overall Heather Rating: 9/10

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2 thoughts on “She Cooks, He Cleans, We Eat!”

    1. Brilliant! I was hoping we’d have that kind of understanding! The salad rocks and is so easy to make! More to share soon and hope that one day we can swap recipes when you guys come to visit us in Singapore! R 😉

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