At long last, our NEW edition!!!!

_MG_8101Heather and Roman are proud to announce the arrival of their newest addition to the family…. A brand new large Big Green Egg all the way from Houston Texas. Special thanks to Niki and family for lending us the space in their container. Moe and Mr. Mover for the delivery and especially Heather, Mayeth and Kalyna for their patience with me especially when we found out the dome of the egg was put on incorrectly. Grrrrrrr!!!!

A few minutes later and thanks to a set of handy man-tools that we keep for just such emergencies, our new Egg is ready to rock.

Tomorrow, we’re going to have the inaugural grilling…stay tuned for more from the Big Green Asian Egg!

Cheers, Roman

PS – if anyone in Singapore wants to purchase our old Big Green Egg, I’ve just replaced the firebox and fire ring with brand new BGE parts from Texas. It’s as good as new and incredibly well seasoned! Heather won’t let me keep two until we open our restaurant!

Send us a message and we’ll discuss!

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14 thoughts on “At long last, our NEW edition!!!!”

    1. Hey Jimmy, the short answer is…. You can’t!

      Unless you ship one in like I did or buy one used like I did as well. I have a large for sale just now. I’d recommend the large for a few reasons.

      One, its huge and I’ve cooked for 30 people on a large easily. Two, the XL is not as tall as the large and three, I couldn’t get the XL through my doors to get to the back garden. Large is plenty of Egg and an awesome piece of kit.

      Let me know if you’re serious about one…just put up a large egg for sale. Cheers and thanks for the note!

      1. Hi Roman – I am serious about getting a unit and can I come and view the unit you have for sale this weekend ?

      2. Hi Roman – sure. Lets catch up when you are back in SG. Are you selling any accessories as well ?

    1. Hi Thomas, I sold my egg today to a chap that contacted my about three weeks ago. Thanks again for your interest. Let me know if you do get one! Cheers, Roman

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