We’ve Egg-spanded: Welcome Minnie!

_MG_3564A super huge thanks to my pal Virginia for lugging my latest addition to the Big Green Asian Egg family all the way across the world. Last night we fired up “Minnie” for the first time and reverse seared a pair of ribeye steaks. Probably the most adorable thing about receiving “Minnie” this week was that our daughter Kalyna thought it was her Big Green Egg, and now, “We can cook together!!!!”

The rationale was simple. Often times, my darling bride Heather and I eat together “sans enfants.” When it’s just the two of us without a big 17 year old wolfing down 3 or 4 adult sized portions it doesn’t make a lot of sense to fire up the large egg and wait all that time to get ready when “Minnie” will do just fine. So, last night was not about the grilling but more about the experience of using a BGE Mini for the first time.

My BGE Mini performance analysis:

  • Only took 11 chunks of hardwood charcoal to fill the firebox- major savings (and had more than half left over after the grilling!)
  • Lit it with one fire starter
  • Stabilised the temperature within 10 minutes at 225F for reverse sear – so quick, so easy
  • Fit two 2″ ribeye steaks perfectly, with room for an ambient temperature probe on the grid
  • Cooking time was exactly the same as the large, as expected
  • Ramping up the temperature to 500F took no time at all when ready to crisp up the steaks
  • Following the crisping, grilled 4 pieces of pumpkin in a few minutes time
  • Shut down time was a lot faster than the large…as expected

Overall, “Minnie” performed better than expected. Another testament to the Big Green Egg company for an exceptional product! Now I’m off to figure out my next project – a table for both the large and the mini perhaps? The other bonus is that “Minnie” is portable weighing in at 18kg, we can take her to the beach, camping or over to a friends. So now, Big Green Asian Egg is fully mobile! More fun posts to come!

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Overall Roman Rating: 10/10



8 thoughts on “We’ve Egg-spanded: Welcome Minnie!”

    1. Hi there. Unfortunately you have to keep your eyes and ears open to anyone that’s selling one second hand. I don’t know of any distributors locally… thanks for dropping by!

    1. I firmly believe in paying for quality so I’d be weary of buying something “similar”. I saw some of the material that these guys put out and I was less than impressed. Then again it was more about how they cooked rather than the actual grill. Keep your eyes open for an egg… I swear by mine!

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